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All our security services can be hired for a day, one week,  one month, a year and we can be contracted for on-call status for any assignment. Our security services in Latin American are tailored to each client’s personal, individual requirement, threat level and the environment in which we will operate.

Dangerous Independent Security Personnel

We higjhy recommend to the general public and private sectors. To never hire an independent subcontractor as a bodyguard and unlicensed security personnel to protect your interest in Latin America.

In Latin America, security services are widely being offered by independent bodyguards and security companies that are unlicensed to operate on the ground. These amateur security personnel are poorly trained, may have no formal training and no professional skills. There is no set formal training for bodyguards in Latin America. Many persons offer services as independent security personnel in Latin America. These independent security personnel and bodyguards have no verifiable qualifications, may not have experience in the field,  may have a total lack of discipline, no proper insurance policy, no security licenses iissued from a valid government agency and no supervision by the Ministry of Public Security. We have found that many local security personnel and bodyguards have been arrested, been in prison for extortion, kidnapping and murder of their past employers. Once released into society, they have return to offering their services to the general public at a fraction of the cost as independent contractors. If you value your life, family, personnel and your assets don't make the mistake of hiring an independent contractor in Latin America. 

There are many security company that advertise from a foreign country for example the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom etc. That offer close protection services to travelers to Latin America. No foreign security personnel are authorized  to work as a close protection agent legally on the ground without a local license. You must be a legal resident or citizen of the that foreign country. All security personnel traveling with the client to a foreign country will not be able to carry legally a firearm and have available all the necesary equipment. In order to adequately protect and defend the principle against any hostile attacks. 

Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement

The Falcon Group, welcome the opportunity to discuss your security issues and requirements with a  free consultation. A Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) is signed and implemented to provide full client confidentiality with us at the commencing of any assignment, upon the clients request. 

All assignments of the Falcon Group are supervised by a security manager from the countries of United States, Israel, Great Britain, United Kingdom and Canada at no additional cost to the client.

We are a single one source security company with the capabilities to meet any threat level. As a leading international licensed security provider. Our specialized security programs are managed and deployed by in-house operational security managers. Who are seasoned professional team leaders. The Falcon Group operational team leaders have high leadership abilities, are battlefield experienced, have respected skills and are highly trained. We use continuous up to date in-house intelligence of local events, laws, crime satistics and terrorism groups on every assignment.


All expenses occurred on any close protection detail (food and lodging etc) are seperate. If the client travels outside the general central area. All assignments are based on the Risk Factor and Assessment of each Individual Mission, unless agreed upon in the intial commencement, proposal and contract.

We can tailored to fit each individual, corporate and goverment entity's request. The Falcon Group can customize any service to meet your security needs and budget. Our aim is to deliver the appropriate level of security service and protection to match the serverity of the threat level.


1- We will assist each client to define their specific security needs and potential threats.

2- We will assist to establish a profile for each individual clientele.

3- We will design a specifically tailored security program for each clientele.

4- We will organize, conduct and implement the best security program.

5- We attempt to Predict, Control the stiuation and Prevent the aggression. 

6- We match the clientele with the appropriate level of seecurity protection and professional close protection agent(s). To necessary and adequately protect the interests of the clientele with overt and covert security officers, security agents and security operators.

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** We are a private security company not affiliated with any goverment agency