All our security service assignment can be hired for a day, one week, month, a year and on-call status. All our security services in Latin American are tailored to each client’s personal requirement, threat level and the environment in which we will operate.

Local Crime Satistics

You as the client, it's important to consider the security risk to any planned foreign destinations. This includes to obtain any advance intelligence reports of criminal activities, including rapes, robberies and murders. Alway's be sure to use a trusted and well known security provided in order to mitigate any security risks. 

We recommend going to for all up-to the minute, hourly and daily information of murders, kidnappings, assaults, rapes and robberies against travelers to Latin America. It is critical that the client have all the up-to date and relevant information. About the stability of the intended regions of their trip. This will assist to insure the safety of the client and minimise any risks and exposure to any criminal elements.

Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement

The Falcon Group, welcomes the opportunity to discuss your security issues and requirements with a  free consultation. A Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) is signed and implemented to provide full client confidentiality with us. At the commencing of any assignment upon the clients request.  

We are a single one source security company with the capabilities to meet any threat level. As a leading international licensed security provider. Our specialized security programs are managed and deployed. By in-house operational security managers. Who are seasoned professional team leaders. The Falcon Group operational team leaders have leadership abilities, with battlefield experience, have respected skills and are highly trained personnel. We use continuous up to date information, in-house intelligence of local events, laws, crime activities satistics and terrorism groups on every assignment.


All expenses occurred on any close protection detail (food and lodging etc) are seperate. If the client travels outside the general central area. Unless agreed upon in the initial commencement, proposal and contract. All assignments are based on the Risk Factor and Assessment of each Individual security needs.

We can tailored to fit each individual, corporate and goverment entity's request. The Falcon Group can customize any service to meet your security needs and budget. Our aim is to deliver the appropriate level of security service and protection to match the serverity of the threat level.


1- We will assist each client to define their specific security needs and potential threats.

2- We will assist to establish a profile for each individual clientele.

3- We will design a specifically tailored security program for each clientele.

4- We will organize, conduct and implement the best security program.

5- We attempt to Predict, Control the stiuation and Prevent the aggression. 

6- We match the clientele with the appropriate level of security protection and professional close protection agent(s). To necessary and adequately protect the interests of the clientele.

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** We are a private security company not affiliated with any goverment agency