The Falcon Group highly-skilled bodyguards have provided close protection for individuals, travelers, Fortune 100 CEOs and their workforces, famous entertainers, athletes, high-net worth individuals, royal families, diplomats and foreign presidents.

All our bodyguards are trained, experienced in both low and high profile protection methods. Our Tier 1 security operators are from the ranks of (SOF) units and have (PSD) experience and (CQB) Close Quarter Battle training.  

Advance planning, preventative strategy and effective risk management assessments are done on every assignment. We undertake an intelligence risk assessment 24 to 48 hours. In advance of the clients travel, ranging from route planning, including exit strategies, alternative routes in case of emergencies, medical facilities and locate local airports for evacuations.

The Falcon Group has developed relationships with local, state, federal governments law enforcement, intelligence agencies and in some countries directly with the military. This allows, to address potential risks across multiple levels. The Falcon Group will work directly with local contacts in countries. That are not compromised and corruption prevalent. 

The Falcon Group licensed professional security close protection agents are from various countries, including United Kingdom and the United States of America. All security personnel have dual residency or are citizens of the those countries. That they service on a daily bases. The Falcon Group bodyguards experience has been developed through years of extensive training and real-world application. All close protection personnel are bilingual in other languages, including Spanish. 

The Falcon Group security Tier level system:

TIER 1 Security Operators-Bodyguards are professionally trained from their various countries militaries. They are former military and are from the ranks of military and special forces units with specialized security protective training. They are experts in high-threat protection services, counterterrorism, special operations, security strategy and operate in complex environments.     

TIER 2 Close Protection Security Agents-Bodyguards are former law enforcement from tactical special operation units and various intelligence agencies. 

TIER 3 Close Protection Security Agents-Bodyguards are security trained by completing a standard accredited course, licensed and with a minimum of five years active continuous field service.

The Falcon Group is the only licensed security company in Latin America, using the exclusive TIER level system and providing security, but not limited to:

  • VIP Protection
  • Diplomatic and Presidential
  • Escorting to/from Airport, hotel, meeting
  • Tourist escorting to/from high risk areas - day and overnight trips


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If you, your familiy and personnel is planning on traveling to a foreign country on vacation and work. We recommend you visit our links for the up-to the minute, hourly, daily crime satistics and travel advisories. In 2018 Latin America has seen a sudden rise in assasinations attemtps, murder, kidnappings, sudden attacks at resorts, violent assaults, robberies and rapes against tourist www.amcostarica.com  www.news.co.cr/crime-safety-costa-rica

Our tourist escorts work closely with our Logistical Global Planning and Information Centers. This provides an additional support for you, your family and employees. We can design for you a personal security portfolio.   

  • Single, Multiple Parties and Principle
  • Multi-Country Trips
  • Bilingual Interpreters
  • Armored and Unarmored Transport Services

Our global network of resources allows us to access and utilize local expertise providing significant benefits to our client:

  • Language, customs and regulations
  • Our team knows where to stay, where to eat, and where to visit (safely and securely)
  • Familiarity with local laws, customs and the judicial system
  • Faster response and appropriate reaction to a challenge or threat with our emergency response teams
  • Intimate knowledge of the local “hot spots” and which areas to avoid for security reasons
  • Availability of up-to-the-minute “real-time” crime statistics
  • Medical services, emergency evacuation by land, sea and air


There are certain times when the only real option is to use a Security Patrol Dog Team. Our highly trained security dog teams. Will protect property areas, premises and people. A fully trained security dog team offers the most effective deterrent against intruders, vandals and thieves. Our guard-dog team is an effective tool for defense and security protection. When confronting specific high-risk situations.

Security patrol dogs are psychologically demoralizing to criminals. Our dogs are trained to military standards. We use our dog teams precisely for residential, condominum, airports and commercial patrols.

Security Patrol Dogs are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden persons within the patrol area. The dog will protect their K-9 handler. By standing their ground and showing controlled aggression against any criminal element. The Falcon Group patrol dogs are also trained to accept other people into their environment and to only react on the command of the dog handler. 

The Falcon Group patrol dogs are used on a full-time bases in Latin America. Our k-9 Canine Patrol Dog Teams can perform the work of several armed security guards. (call us for a dog demostration)


Our security officers are second to none. The security officers of the the Falcon Group uniform division are highly trained. In all aspect of military security protocols, basic standards, tactics, command, procedures, practices and to the specifications of a military police officer from the countries of the United States, Great Britain, Israel, Germany and Canada. This makes our private security officers unique in contrast to an out-dated security systems used in Latin America. All security officers must past a 90 day probationary employment period. In order to be continuously employed by our uniform division. 


The Falcon Group will protect your private residential property like a military base. We will protect your property with a proven method. That has been battlefield tested by us in the Middle East. This method is different from all the other security companies in Latin America. Because we use an adequate overall security program. Where the primary importance is to minimise the exposure and risk to the property. While keeping the intruder outside of the complex. Our system is based on a solid military concept supervised, aggressive, structured and secured. We provide this security to:

* Corporate *  Complexes * Residential * Offices * Condominiums * Shipping Mariitime & Ports * Retail Centers * Airports * Banks * Transport of Assets * Resorts * Factories * Consrtuction * Warehouses * Buildings * Commercial Properties* Industrial * Hotels * Shopping Centers 


Our security is for the serious and real security matters. Our system has been exclusively designed for that particular client in mind. That cannot risk misjudgment or misrepresentation made by an unskilled, under experienced, cheapest, largest and second best. The world is becoming everyday a more dangerous and unpredictable place www.news.co.cr/crime-safety-costa-rica 

The Falcon Group implements the Logistical Global Travel Adavance Planning & Information System in high-risk regions. This is coordinated from our emergency operational centers located in the countries of Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. The (EOC) system incorporates strict discretion. The function of this system, is to reduce the high-risk threats from thiefs, robberies, rapes, kidnappings, extortion, ransom attempts, gangs, terrorist attacks and becoming a victim of human trafficking. All logistics are planned in coordination with our established emergency evacuation and communication planning. We identify safe havens and medical facilities in the clients planned destination and enviroment in cases of emergencies. These plans include evacuations by land, sea and air.  


The Falcon Group provides training to civilian, families, travelers, executives, corporations, bodyguards, security personnel, security contractors, law enforcement, military, goverment agencies and goverment officials. We are focus on teaching the real theory of weapon tactics, anti-kidnapping, anti-extortion and tactical operations. To law enforcement and intelligence personnel from around the world. We deliver a professional approach and manner of instruction to our students. All of our instructors are certified NRA former law enforcement tactical and former military special operations operators.  


It is a well known fact that Extortion, Kidnapping and Hostage taking attacks are increasing around the world. As part of our Personal Protection Services. We offer anti-kidnapping, anti-extortion and anti-terrorism evasive training for individuals. Who feel they may be at risk from such attacks.

Since the inception in 2001 of this (K,R & E) specialized unit. The Falcon Group has sucessfully resolved, negotiated and conducted recovery operations around the world. It is discreetly delivered on the clients own environment. This personal security service and training is given on a one-to-one basis. The duration of the security detail and training is dependent on the threat level. The client will receive as part of their security lessons defensive driving and firearms training.

The Falcon Group is capable of providing on a full-time bases. Security details to clients in past, present, future kidnappings and extortion attempts. Our instructors are former Military and former Special Forces Operations personnel with extensive Close Quarter Battle (CQB), Escape, Evasion and Intelligence training. To including Rescue Operations and Anti-terrorism experience on a worldwide scale.

Our Anti-Extortion, Anti-Kidnapping and Anti-Terrorism security consist of:

  • Pattern of life assessment and Risk Management

  • Threat identification (surveillance and counter-surveillance)

  • Situational awareness

  • Physical and personal security

  • Anti-kidnapping techniques

  • What to expect when kidnapped or taken hostage

  • Escape and Evasion possiblities and behaviour after capture

  • Kidnapping and hostage taking scenarios introduction

  • Travel security, Negotiation, Rescue, Recovery Custom Training Programs for Corporate Executives and Security Teams

  • Executive Protection Services and Travel Risk Management

  • Corporate Awareness and Training Programs / Defensive and Evasive Driver Training


Upon the client's request. We will place a small concealed portable tracking device on the client, outfitted on the person. We then use our GPS Global Positioning Satellite tracking center. To track the client and personal vehicle in real time. In cases of immediate threats of robberies, carjacking, kidnapping, extortion attempts and upon the client activation. The Falcon Group will initiate an immediate tracking and retrieval response. The client can notify the Falcon Group of any issues. By activating the (panic button) on our device for emergency assistance 24/7/365 days a year.


The Falcon Group will deploy a highly-experienced security consultant to assess any threats and vulnerabilities. We will evaluate the effectiveness of your current security protocol, configuration and programs. We then can make secure practical recommendations. To mitigate the risks and improve the overall security, to include but not limited to: 

  • Perimeter security
  • Interior security – overt and covert
  • Gate and access control
  • Measuring throughput costs
  • Site security enhacement
  • Emergency and crisis response
  • Yard management
  • Real-time incident reporting and communication
  • Personnel shift change tracking
  • K-9 canine dog patrols
  • Terrorism defense and identify real threats
  • Camera and video security
  • Sensor alarms and lasor beam equipment
  • High risk termination
  • Anti kidnapping for your personnel and family


The Falcon Group Terrorism Division provides consulting on Counterterrorism as advisors on a global scale. We offer specialized services in counterterrorism. While applying unique problem solving skills. By dedicated and exceptionaly trained personnel. Our experience to effectively prevent, respond to threats associated with terrorism, gangs and organized violent crime. Makes the Falcon Group the leaders in Central and South America. We know terrorism is unique. The methods used by terrorists and crimial gangs change daily. It requires that security personnel receive intelligence, specialized training, equipment, planning, support, tactical supervision in order to address this special need. Our specialized security personnel of the elite (Hercules Emergency Response Unit). Have specialized force protection training and capabilities. This unit is multi-fuctional with urban training in assault tactics. While implementing a modern day combat fighting force with security.  

Our application of Counterterrorism security force protection. Is for the individual, student, family and personnel. That travels, works and resides in regions with hostile environments. Who may become a High-Priority target. We can address all threats to high value assets around the world.


The Falcon Group has it's own fleet of in-house secured bullet and bomb-proof armored (SUV) vehicles. We service all of Central America and Colombia with brand new models for rent on a daily bases. Our vehicles are equipped with a GPS monitored tracking satellite systems and advance technology. All our armored vehicles are equipped with interior leather, deluxe overhead console, tinted glass and air-conditioning.

Every rental comes with a multilingual chauffeur with extensive experience. We can coordinate meet and greet airport service. Your security is monitored from start to finish with direct two-way radio communications with our base. Our armored vehicles are B3, B4 and B5 level SUVs. Upon request, we can add a Tier 1 bodyguard in addition to the chauffeur. 

Private AVIATION SECURITY: We can provide secure transportion to and from the airport. To the discreet and high-net clientele and crew members. That utilizes a private aircraft or private charter jets. Contact us to learn more about this 24/7/365 days a year, planning assistance, support, operations and services. 


History: In 2013 our armored vehicles transported and provided secured protection to the President of the Republic of China and the First Lady in thier offical diplomatic travel to Latin America. 

History: In 2014 to present our armored vehicles have provided secured transportation and security service consultancy to members of the royal family Saudi Arabia, etc.

History: In 2015 our armored vehicles transported and provided secured protection to the Organization of American States (CELAC Seminar) Presidents of Latin America and the Caribbean States, Presidents of Brazil, Venezuela and other Head of State of Latin America in their offical visit to Central America, etc.

History: In 2016 our armored vehicles transported and provided secured protection to the Presidencia of the Republica of Panama, etc. 

History: In 2017 our armored vehicles transported and provided secured protection to Merick Global Security Group, Coca-Cola Latin America, Merck Sharp & Dohme Latin America. The Falcon Group is the only Costa Rican security company. That has ever been authorized to be near a President of Costa Rica (Luis Guillermo Solis) etc.


We provide armed escorts for all transportation fleets carrying merchandise in Central America. On their distribution routes from border to border, port to port and in addition to any other routes established by our customers. We assign an intelligence led tactical escort team of Tier 1 level security operators with extensive experience in heavy convoy protection. Our security operators are equipped with all the necessary equipment, incuding armored SUVs vehicles. In order to protect the personnel and the transport fleet against heavily armed attackers and criminal gangs. We support each operation from our own Global Positioning (GPS) Monitoring Center in real-time. (Our security team members are not security guards)


We have offices throughout the Central and South America continent with services worldwide. Our Satellite Global Operations Monitoring and Communication Center (GPS) tracking of persons in real-time and covoys is located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Through our network of strategic offices. We have embedded personnel, partnerships across the whole Central America, South America and the Middle East. We can provide operational security support to client interests and assets with fixed on-site security forces. Where needed 24/7/365 days a year.

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